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Do you love playing scrabble but sometimes just can’t seem to find the right word to take home the win? It’s frustrating when you know the word in the back of your head but simply can’t figure out exactly what it is. Don’t stress, with you will never be lost for a word ever again!

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Find a word for Scrabble

Scrabble is a well known and very popular game, actually so well-liked that 60% of all US homes and 50% of all British homes own a Scrabble game.

This popular game which is based on crossword puzzles and anagrams originates from the year 1931 when it was developed by architect Alfred M. Butts.

Find me a word

This widely known and popular game does not only provide you with a good brain workout but is also a very fun way to connect with your friends. Do you find yourself becoming more and more competitive but running out of new, creative words? Do you maybe need help to find a word?

Our website is designed for all you competitive game players who want to take your gaming to the next level by finding the optimal word. Impress your friends with difficult words they never knew existed!

How does it work?

Find me a word is a well-structured website where you can either use our search tool, that allows you to search for words with given letters, making this the must-have tool for competitive Scrabblers!

As if that wasn’t enough help for you to find a word we also provide a number of lists with words. Hre you can optimise your search to find a word by either searching for a word that starts with a particular letter or ends with one. Say you are looking for a 5 letter word starting with an A or a 4 letter word ending with an O, could it get easier?

Scrabble Fun facts!

  • There is a national scrabble day! April the 13th each year you can celebrate national scrabble day, this is also the birthday of scrabble as it was created April the 13th by Alfred Mosher.
  • It wasn't always called scrabble! Scrabble was actually called Lexico and Criss - Cross Words before it was officially named Scrabble in the 1930s.
  • It is possible to score 1782 points on one single word! Yep, you heard right, the word OXYPHENBUTAZONE would need to be played across the top of the board, hitting three Triple Word Score squares while making seven crosswords downward.
  • The rule book was 50 pages long! This was for competitions. Along with this hefty rule book each player has 25 minutes total to play his game, and opponents shouldn’t address each other.
  • Many new words were added in the dictionary in 2014! Words like geocache, chillax, beatbox, frenemy, hashtag, joypad, mojito, selfie, soju, texter, vodcast, vlog, and yuzu, among others were added.
  • Scrabble consultant John Chew got (death threats)! You heard right. After removing the word “da” from the scrabble dictionary, consultant John Chew got (death threats) for 10 years. Scrabble sure gets people involved!

Are you ready to play? Try our word-finding tool and maybe you’ll score 1782 points!

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